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Frequently Asked Questions

In Alberta the average towing cost ranges from $3-$7 per kilometre. This greatly depends on the type of vehicle or equipment being towed, as well as the conditions surrounding the haul. Rates can also vary if the recovery is located off-road. The best way to determine a price for your specific towing needs is to call or request a quote.

It is usually best to keep all the wheels off the ground when hauling an all-wheel drive vehicle. This is to avoid any additional costly damage to the drivetrain of the vehicle being towed. For this reason, we recommend towing with either a flatbed truck or trailer. If you need towing near Grande Prairie, be sure to let us know if your vehicle has an AWD drivetrain.

Similar to towing an all-wheel drive car, you will want to be cautious with an automatic drivetrain. It is important to keep any wheels that are connected to the drivetrain off the ground to avoid causing damage. Your tow truck driver will know how to configure the tow based on the type of vehicle you have.

We typically maintain very affordable rates for towing. When it comes to holidays or weekends there may be additional fees associated with the tow. These fees are at the discretion of our dispatch and are assessed on a case by case basis. However, rest assured you will be aware of any additional charges before committing to our towing services.

The short answer is no, absolutely not. Our drivers are trained and prepared with the necessary tools to haul vehicles safely and efficiently. We make every effort to not cause additional damage to your vehicle and to secure the load we are hauling to DOT regulations.